Mission Statement of the Florida State Assembly

To support all Florida Surgical Technologists and Surgical First Assistants to provide the highest level of patient care. To encourage all members to continue their education and maintain the necessary skill level to meet the demands of increasing technology and advanced surgical techniques that are current on a local and national level, while successfully promoting our future professionals.


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By phone (available 24 hours a day) to 1-800-222-8733 and be sure to ask for “Florida State Assembly” [don’t abbreviate the name or the agent can’t find it] or Group Code FSA
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President's Message

Hello and Welcome to the Florida State Assembly of the AST Webpage!! We look forward to helping you in any way we can. This is a wonderful time to be a Surgical Technologist in the State of Florida. There are so many opportunities for growth now as we have surgical technologists moving into positions managing central supply, becoming surgical first assistants, lead surgical technologists, and finding your niche in the operating room specialty of your choice. Keeping current and keeping your continuing education credits up is important and there are ways to keep it done with the costs down. See our web page regarding maintaining your CE credits.

We in AST are over 38,000 strong nationally for membership as of Feb 1st and represent the interests of over 80,000 nationwide. Join us and be a part of our Florida Association as either a member or an associate. Many member benefits. Go to this Link to find out more: http://www.ast.org/Mem…fits/Discounts/

I would like to update you on the work of the Florida State Assembly Board and Officers.

  1. The 47th AST National Conference has been completed. Our delegation served to ensure that the bylaws changed as of this date reflected the interests of Florida surgical technologists. We also provided information to the National Officers and Board of Directors regarding the Florida membership concerns that have been reported to us. These include:
    • Legislation progress for 2016: the legislative climate continues to be non-supportive of “unnecessary regulation”. We have continued to seek bills to attach our language to with one bill gaining approval in the senate, but language was removed due to the House refusal to pass it. The House of Representatives shut down completely shut down any potential progress we might have made. Solutions: At this time, there is an increase in the number of hospitals requiring certification which has increased the number of Certified Surgical Technologists in the State of Florida.
    • Continuing education credits earned at the state level will now be processed and automatically logged for you. The Florida State Assembly will report those CE earned at State workshops for you.
    • Continuing education credits from manufacturers of medical equipment is being considered for processing through AST. I will let you know more as we do. CE’s through your hospital or facility continue to be acceptable. Any manufacturer in-service provided by the facility for your work can be submitted with signatures by your charge nurse/education personnel on a signed roster document validating the date, topic and length of program and can be approved as a hospital inservice.
    • Language regarding the requirement for an Associate’s Degree is an accreditation requirement by the year 2021 for surgical technology programs for new students graduating beginning in the year 2021. In the state of Florida, programs are making changes to their programs to either become an associate’s degree program or affiliating with a program so their graduates can attain this minimum degree by the year 2021. There is no plan for any legislative bill to dictate any minimum education requirements.
  2. Upcoming educational event includes November 4th meet and greet with conference on the fifth in the the Clearwater/Tampa area. We look forward to seeing you there.
  3. Business meeting was successful and we have elected new officers.

Finally, if you ever have any questions, just ask one of our board members or officers. Rumors abound…don’t listen to them…ask or come to meetings and stay informed of the real news.

Respectfully submitted
George Sasser, Florida State Assembly President
Elected Terms: August 2016 – Current
Please feel free to email me any time that I can be of assistance to you. GSasser@gulfcoast.EDU


AST’s Surgical Technology Conference
New Orleans | June 6-10, 2017


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